Retail & Service Sector

The community of Russell serves as the regional hub for the delivery of retail and service-based businesses.  The community has taken a visionary approach to business development where retail opportunities are bolstered by the unique Prairie Arch Gallery, located on Russell’s Main Street.  The existing Main Street is suported by the local business sector with the efforts of the Mainstreet Revitalization Committee.  In addition access to good quality Commercial or Industrial Development Lots has been made available along the Yellowhead Highway.   


The smaller communities of Binscarth, Inglis and Angusville support support artisan ventures, retail and service businesses that tend to cater to community residents.  Whether you are looking to buy an existing business or create something entirely new we have land, buildings and infrastructure to accommodate your needs and the supports to assist you with getting started.


Our advantages for retail and service sector businesses include:

  • Access to affordable property 
  • Pedestrian friendly Main Streets
  • Ample street & public parking
  • Stable workforce
  • A large trading area that benefits from having key health, education & recreation facilities
  • A strong & supportive Chamber of Commerce
  • Competitive property tax rates
  • Access to good quality Municipal and Provincial infrastructure – roads, water & sewer, electric & natural gas,